Ever tried to start something new but keep getting ‘stuck’ before you even begin?

Maybe it’s a new exercise or fitness habit.

Or something as simple as tidying up your home.

Give me just 5 minutes, and I’ll show how that’s all you need to start making real change in your life. Deal?

The 5-Minute Tidy

You have probably come across various forms of this method.

First, a little background on how I came about it and the first time I used the technique.

So, the other day I went into the local charity shop. (I’m always on the lookout for new reading material).

After browsing the bookshelves and coming up empty, my eye landed on a simple short interval timer (pictured below).

At just £1 I had no hesitation picking it up as I could really use one for helping my daughters take turns on the tablets (they get 15 minutes each a day, a little more if I’m feeling generous).

As soon as I walked into the door, the first thing I notice were the toys left lying around from the pre-school play time. Then it hit me, maybe I could get some use out of my new purchase.

5 Minute Tidy In Practice

I twisted the top to the 5-minute mark, and I was off. The goal; to see how much tidying up I could accomplish in 5 minutes.

I picked up all the toys lying around on the floor and put them away in toy baskets (it really helps if you have a place for everything, but that’s a story for another day).

I also like having nothing on the dining table, so I cleared up all the pens, paper and colouring pencils.
Straightened up the sofa cushions. Put away my books onto the bookshelf. Put dishes away from the night before. Washed up breakfast stuff…Then the timer went off.

I was on a roll. I could have kept on going, but I stopped. Why?

Because my mind suddenly clicked. I have achieved more in 5 minutes than I could potentially have done all day.

See. Sometimes it’s easier to put off doing stuff. Simple stuff.

Before you know it, every room in the house now has more work to do. And you put it off once again. See what I mean.

The Power of the 5 Minute Tidy

Why is this technique so powerful?


That’s why.

Starting is often the most significant barrier to progress for most people. And this applies to everything you can think of. A new exercise habit. Writing this article for example. Making a budget. Anything really.

Taking the first step and committing to do something for a measly 5 minutes doesn’t sound like much. But it helps you overcome that barrier and gets you started.
Start Your 5-Minute Tidy Today
That’s my timer gone…

I have managed to put down on paper an idea I have carried around in my head for a week…in just 5 minutes.

Imagine what you can do.

This is pretty much a concept still in development, but I’d love to hear how you are going to put it into practice, today.

No, wait. Don’t tell me how you are going to put it into practice. Tell me about your 5-Minute tidy experiences. Go!

P.S. It could be ANYTHING. Tidying up was just my thing. What’s your 5-Minute Thing?

P.PS Why use a discrete (standalone) timer and not one on your smartphone? Distraction. Distraction. Distraction. Did I really write that down 3 times? Yes, I did. Smartphones provide some of the distractions stopping you from getting stuff done. Ditch your phone and get one of these instead. Go!

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