Kids can be noisy sometimes. Especially when all you want is 5-minutes of peace and quiet.

We have all been there. Just coming in from a hard day at work, with all the stresses the kids can’t even begin to imagine.

Home is a safe space for you and all you want to do is to flop down onto the couch and take five.

A kid’s world, however, doesn’t follow the same rules. They want something and they want it now. They want to share the drawing they made at school and they want to do it now.


You catch my drift.

It’s easy to turn the TV on and put their favourite show on. Just so that you can have a few moments to yourself.

Or perhaps just hand them your phone and let them ask Siri some burning questions. Just so that they can leave you be for a short while.

Before you know it, that becomes the default behaviour.

Instead of taking the time to play with the kids, listen to their day’s escapades and just take the time to appreciate the real stuff that makes life worth living, you default to the ‘digital nanny’.

Are you raising kids or digital zombies?

PS. I came across the term ‘digital zombies’ from Seth Godin’s short article on the digital divide. Read more here

PPS. There is an idea here that I would like to explore. I’m not entirely sure what it is but I didn’t want to wait until I knew to commit this to paper. It is likely I will revise this post in the future. I would love to hear your thoughts on how going digital affects you as a parent or family.

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