I don’t even remember when I first signed up to receive Neil Patel’s blog updates but I am glad I did. If you are looking for actionable steps to attract more visitors to your blog or website, you can count on Neil to deliver.

Many people on his mailing list will agree that neilpatel.com is filled with in-depth blog posts which go a long way in explaining how certain SEO concepts work, and indeed, why they work.

Neil writes detailed blog posts and includes screen captures to illustrate each step of a process. One of his most recent posts that I’m currently implementing is the post titled “The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Brick & Mortar Businesses”. As part of my freelance writing activities, I help and support local small business owners within Langport, the town where I live, with online marketing stuff. Neil’s blog post provided me with an action plan on how to take a brick and mortar business which doesn’t have a website and get started on content marketing.

I have decided to take Neil’s post and use it as a blueprint to help one business owner get online. This is going to be a casestudy so that I can then go out and offer similar services to local business owners who are just too busy, or can’t be bothered to doi it themselves.

So if you’re a small business owner looking to get your business online and to generate more website traffic and drive customers to your door, check out the post by clicking this link once on Neilpatel.com, feel free to check out the other blog posts he has there. Word of advice, you will be blown away by the amount of stuff he gives out for free. The most important bit, take action, that’s the only way you will find out what works best for your business.

Thanks for checking my post out and if you found something useful, please share it with your friends and colleagues so they may benefit from my information and Neil’s too.

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