Do you ever struggle with eating the ‘right’ kind of food? You know, the kind of food that’s actually good for you. Like the green stuff (vegetables), carrots, a healthy dose of carbs and some protein.

Some people have the best intention of eating healthy meals as often as possible. But, junk food is now so convenient you don’t even have to leave your home for some fried chicken. The juiciest burger or the tastiest kebab is only a call or a few taps of the JustEat app away. So how do you steer your diet in the right direction in spite of all the hurdles modern technology throws in front of you?

Intention and preparation

The key to doing what you intend to do is planning.

When it comes to breaking a junk food habit, not having any junk food to hand is a good starting point.

This is why most healthy-eating gurus recommend a pantry (or cupboard for those living in not so stately hones like me) clear-out. Restock your chicken with the healthy foods you’d like to start eating. Create a meal plan and prep in advance. Next time you’re feeling peckish, you have a healthy snack at hand.

So next time you feel like going out for fish and chips (like I did today), pause for a moment and think… What’s the simplest healthier meal I can make now?

To your health and well being.

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